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Soft Heat Mattress Pad

If you're hunting for a comfortable, warm night's sleep, a Soft Heat mattress pad is what you need! With our invisible wire technology, our bed will "read" your body and automatically detect and adjust to the temperature you need for sleep, this will be very low-pored, so you'll be comfortable and successful in bed.

Perfect Fit Softheat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

This excellent fit softheat smart heated electric mattress pad bed warmer is an exceptional fit for your water heated mattress, it is furthermore outstanding for use as a bed warmer when you're cold. The softheat technology ensures that your sleep is deep and soft, turn your electric mattress pad into a hot, watery grave by adding water to it. This bed will Heat up to 78 degrees which means soiled mattresses will now require a water heating process, no more worrying about water contacting the bed and causing a fire. According to some users, using a water-based laminates is better for the mattress pad, this means the water will mix with the laminates and leave them clean and dry. No more waking up to the mattress pad so cold and start pilling, add a few drops of your favorite de-worming product to the water-based laminates and they will automatically add it to the mattress pad when you wake up. Don't over-tumble the water-based laminates, these will help the mattress pad come out hunting good and will not leave any spots on the cover. The mattress pad will now require a water heating process to get the best results, no more soiled mattresses and a cold mattress pad! If you're having trouble sleeping through the night, you might want to try using a best-in-class fit heated mattress pad. This one is designed to suit perfectly over your bed and slept on for two years, preventing infestations of all sorts, it's also non-toxic and safe for children. This is a first-rate fit Soft Heat mattress pad, it is fabricated with a water heated bedding and control knob. This bed is first-rate for a cold bed night, it is a practical addition to your home or office.