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Sherpa Mattress Pad

Looking for a soft, warmth-to-the-touch mattress pad that will keep you comfortable all night long? Don't search more than the Sherpa mattress pad with auto shut off timer and 5 preheat seconds! This model makes sure your sleep is snuggly safe, while the warm fleece cover ensures your sleep is smooth and cool.

Woolrich Mattress Pad

The woolrich mattress pad is an excellent surrogate to keep your bed warm and cozy heated up, the bed can be heated with just a few steps and with the help of the woolrich mattress pad all the alternative to the top you will get a warm and cozy bed. The bed will be cooler if you use the woolrich bed support system, the bed pad can be used in both bedrooms and homes. This woolrich heated Sherpa mattress pad is a valuable alternative to keep your bed warm and your mind cool, it's made of 100% wool and provides a cozy fit, making it a fantastic addition to home. This bedding set contains a woolrich heated mattress pad and a set of skirted woolrich sheep's clothing, the mattress pad is fabricated of high-quality wool and provides a cozy feel to it. The set also includes a temperature skirted woolrich coat and a beige color, the coat imparts a comfortable fit and the set includes an one-time forswear along with the product. The woolrich heated mattress pad is an enticing alternative to keep your bed warm and your sleep important, it's facile to set up and use, with an electric heating element that is unequaled for a cold climate. The full white design is excellent for any room, and the product is low llc woolrich heated mattress pad.