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Cannon Total Protection Mattress Pad

This Cannon mattress pad is fabricated of Total Protection materials that will protect you and you it extends a waterproof backing that will never come in contact with water, and an 54 in size that will provide plenty of space to keep you warm and comfortable, plus, the Cannon Total Protection mater- ness will have a waterproofing feature that will keep you protected even in watery areas.

Cannon Mattress Pad

The Cannon mattress pad is top-of-the-heap for lovers with water damage, it is fabricated out of Total Protection technology and features in substrate area. The Cannon mattress pad is furthermore water resistant back up to 54 in, looking for a comfortable and durable mattress pad that works as a Total protection? Look no more than the Cannon full size Total Protection mattress pad. This pad is fabricated out of and is threw a number of Protection features like waterproofing, made in the usa, Cannon full size Total Protection mattress pad is a must for any mattress pad customer digging for Total protection, the kohls heated mattress pad king is a full-sized bed that comes with a Protection plan. This bed is designed to cool and protect your sleeping bag and mattresses, the mattress pad comes with a water resistant backing and is designed to muffle sound and protect your exposed skin. This Cannon waterproof mattress pad presents a Total Protection of 54 in, it is likewise backed by our lifetime warranty. This pad provides a comfortable fit and features a water resistant backing making it unrivaled for use in wet environments.