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California King Waterbed Mattress Pad

Looking for an enticing sleep experience? Try the California King Waterbed mattress pad! This bedding is fabricated for the modern age, with a modern look and feel, the mattress pad is manufactured of durable quilted comfort fabric and features a soft, California king, size 7 bed. So, you can rest assured that your bed is getting the best possible care.

/ Liner /heater / Fill Drain Conditioner Kit
/ Liner /heater / Fill Drain  Kit


By United States Watermattress


Super Single, Queen, Cal King Priority

Quilted Waterbed Anchor Band Mattress

By The Linen Resource


/ Liner / Heater / Fill Drain Conditioner Kit
/ Liner /heater / Fill Kit


By United States Watermattress


King Size Waterbed Mattress Pad

The linen resource ultima convertible Waterbed mattress pad is an outstanding solution for individuals with a small water space, it is manufactured from high-quality canvas, making it durable and long-lasting. Plus, it gives a durable flip-up bedrail for security, the Waterbed mattress pad King is a high-quality product that is designed to protect your sleep quality and keep you comfortable. This pad is produced of a solid state that is designed to heat up and then die in the pad due to the water, the bed mattress pad King also comes with a bag to help with catching and @ day the water that may have been gone too far. This Waterbed mattress pad is fabricated of freeflow waveless Waterbed mattress pad zippered cover, it is of a zippered cover. It is puissant for use on a bed up as a mat or to help with sleep, the 100 waveless Waterbed mattress pad liner heater fill drain conditioner kit is top-notch for filling the gaps between your bedding and the floor. It is manufactured of 100% waterless bedding and is simply a case of filling the gaps with a clean cloth, the kit comes with a brush and vacuum cleaner to get the job done.